We Salute!

 We salute the all the brave service men, women and dogs that protect our great country.

Post For Paws Video

Dog Bath in a Pack has created a new video for its Post For Paws Campaign. For every dog picture posted on the Dog Wall, we will make a donation to our local rescue shelter. We invite you to send us a picture of your dog(s), along with telling us something about your pooch. The direct link to the Dog Wall-Post For Paws Campaign is http://www.dogbathinapack.com/dog-wall/

Wiped Out!


The Holiday Season just wiped me out!

Christmas Past


Shy puppy wearing a Happy New Year top hat.
Puppy wearing a Happy New Year top hat

Christmas past is past, now it’s on to New Years!

Happy New Year!


Champagne! Because no great New Years celebration ever started with someone eating a shrimp cocktail.


A bad dog knocks over the Christmas Tree.
A bad dog knocks over the Christmas Tree.

“Thank goodness you’re home…the Christmas tree fainted!”