Snow Dog


Not everybody hates the cold weather of December!

Pooping Reindeer

Even up at the North Pole, Santa’s reindeer need to poop!




Howard Loves His Bath!


Howard loves taking a bath on the couch with new Dog Bath in a Pack wipes. He is a Shar Pei and Pitbull mix that was rescued. Everyday, Howard receives much love and pampering from his new owners.


Post For Paws Campaign

sleepyhead dog taking a selfie while in bed
Dog taking a selfie while in bed

Dog Bath in a Pack is happy to announce that we have created a new Dog Wall page on our website exclusively for our Post For Paws Campaign. For every dog picture posted on the Dog Wall, we will make a donation to our local rescue shelter. We invite you to send us a picture of your dog(s), along with telling us something about your pooch. The direct link to the Dog Wall-Post For Paws Campaign is