Wipes for Dogs

"What a great idea- wet wipes for a dog! These are not big to actually bathe your dog, but they are perfect for wiping off the coat or muddy feet, saving your carpet and flooring. My dog did not seem to mind me using them on him at all and rather enjoyed the attention."

Great for wipe downs after a trip to the dog park!

"These wipes are great. I tried using baby wipes on my dog after a visit at the dog park and it just dried his skin out and he was flaking like crazy. These wipes for dogs smell fresh and does not irritate his skin. the wipes are also very big! I'm able to wipe him down with one pouch. He's about 80 pounds and pretty large size. They are very good for muddy trips and dog slobbers (from other dogs). I kind of wish they did sell them in a bulkier package... like how baby wipes are contained so perhaps they would be cheaper?"


Great For My Dog Who Had Just Undergone Surgery

"These are really, really nice for my dog. My dog had to have a pretty big surgery. Because baths upset him so much, I didn't want him to squirm and injure himself. These wipes really worked well on my dog. I like that I can use them on his paws and his body. They left him smelling fresh, and he felt like he was being pampered. I definitely recommend them."